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Throat Chakra Candle

Throat Chakra Candle

Weight 120g

“I communicate my needs easily” 

Hand poured soy wax candle to balance the Throat chakra. Infused with Basil and Cypress essential oils. Finished with Blue Lace Agate crystal chips. You receive a card with details of the chakra, the oils and crystal.

Cypress is great for transition, helps you feel safe and is protecting.Basil is great for self expression, & speaking your truth.

Blue lace Agate promotes clear communication, and helps you express your emotions without getting upset.

 100% vegan, cruelty-free and soy-based, and made with a whole lotta love.Soy wax is natural product, thus the appearance of the candle can vary. 

If you have a medical condition. Particularly pregnancy, blood pressure problems or seizures seek medical advice before using essential oils.

Contains: Limonene,Pinenes, delta-3-Carene, linalool, Citral, Allylanisole



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