Full Moon in Virgo Guided Meditation

On 7th March we are experiencing a full moon in the sign of Virgo, know as the worm moon. The key theme is letting go of the past, be that feelings, people and or situations. However Virgo wants to know what will happen, will question why? While Pisces energy helps remind us that it isn’t always possible to know why? You may find that you’re in the middle of this push and pull. This full moon is setting the stage for major changes. On the same day as the Full Moon, Saturn, the planet of structure, hard work, rules, and responsibility, moves into Pisces, where Saturn will remain for almost three years. Saturn is the planet of karma, and while change and closure is not always easy, it is very healing. 

As the opposite sign of Virgo, where the Full Moon March 2023 takes place, the push-pull dynamic between Virgo and Pisces will present an opportunity for us to think about, deal with, or give or receive closure.

For those of you new to my blog, you may wonder how we work out the sign of the full moon. The moon is always in the opposite sign as the sun. We have the sun in Capricorn, the opposite sign is cancer. In astrology, each full moon lines up with a different zodiac sign, creating a vibe that changes from full moon to full moon.

What can we expect? 

Surrendering to our emotions to assist with our healing process, while feeling safe and comfortable. If you had a draining or chaotic December you can now let go of this, find comfort and nurture yourself. 


If you haven’t being taking care of yourself, this full moon will help you in this area. If like me, you haven’t really relaxed for the past few months, and you’re now finding yourself binge watching shows while wrapped in a fluffy blanket it’s all good.

You could be planning to change your home, making it cosy and nurturing. You may want to reflect upon your relationship with your mum, illuminating this relationship and releasing these energies. Water is always wonder and cleansing, either a shower, bath, the ocean or a lake. Cooking nurturing food if you need to be grounded. 

Thank you for reading this and enjoy the energies xx 

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Trick or Treat Tarot pick 🔮

It’s been a while since I’ve pulled cards. Today I’m using the Everyday Witch Deck, in honour of Halloween. It’s sunny outside today in Yorkshire and the leaves are reflecting my interior, shades of golden yellow. I also need the inspiration today so here goes.

Take a deep breath and quite your mind, choose which crystal you feel drawn to. Smokey Quartz on the left, Clear Quartz in the middle and Citrine on the right.

Card One Smokey Quartz

The Empress

The Empress, this witch is glowing and growing metaphorically and in some cases literally. Are you ready to birth something? An idea, a business, a creative project, a child or a new life? This card is my favourite, it embodies for me feminine energy which is present in the masculine and feminine. It’s abundance, growth and owning your feminine power and nurture yourself. Such a beautiful card.

Card Two Clear Quartz

3 Wands

The 3 wands, keep focused on the prize🏆, your wish or goal. Success in however you view it is close by, you’re almost there. The key message is to keep going, it may feel like you have been waiting for so long. Don’t give up because yo are so close to achieving your goal or desire. However when we are super focused, as this witch is we can miss what is going on around us because we are so focused on this goal. Remember to balance your goals with living in the present.

Card Three Citrine

Queen of cups

Queen of Cups, this witch maybe you or someone in your life. She is in some ways similar to the Empress. She is a nurturing person, she gives with her heart, some would say she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is intuitive, and kind. If you are feeling overwhelmed with emotion she maybe someone who you can turn to, she maybe you. If you chose this card the Queen of Cups maybe in your life, have you taken her offer of help? If you are offering empathy and compassion to others right now, just be careful that your own cup is full. You can’t give to others if your own cup is empty and they’re is nothing wrong with taking care of your own needs first.

I’d say all of the cards are treats, full of healing, insight and optimism. Remember you got this, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

Do let me know which stone you chose. I picked Smokey Quartz, my new stone.

I’d appreciate if you’d follow me and like to help me grow. Take care and I’ll be back with a Halloween post on Monday! I’ll be reading tarot at Central Square in Leeds.


Card of the week 11th July


What does that mean?, striving for balance in all areas of your life. This will be different for everyone.

Everyday witch Tarot Deck by Deborah Blake, Art by Elisabeth Alba

When you look at the card, different things jump out. With this card I was drawn to the martini glass, cakes and laptop. However, on the right, you can see carrots, water and a book. You can see the witch is in the tree yoga pose, I can’t hold this pose too long without wobbling.

A question you may ask, including myself is how do we achieve balance in life?

The temperance card states “moderation in all things, including moderation”.

How easy is this? It can be an ongoing journey and requires discipline, remains calm and in the present moment.

If your life is out of control or unbalanced this card is here to remind you to use your inner strength and breath.

Maybe you need more fun, play and friendships rather than work and hustle. Maybe you need more rest and self discipline. Most of all go with the flow and be kind to yourself xx

If you’d like a personal tarot reading or a reiki healing treatment you can book through my services .

Tomorrow is a Super Full Moon in Capricorn, enjoy it and if you can indulge in some selfceare or you can join me on Facebook for a free live Full Moon Meditation. You can join via the link below.


Tarot card of the week…

* To clarify it isn’t a new moon in Capricorn today, this is the card I pulled for The card of the week*

I haven’t added a date because you may come across this card when you need it.

The New Moon In Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign, and the sign of ambition, building and moving forward with solid and steady energy. This card signifies you can achieve whatever you desire.

New moon cards are typically a time to set intentions for the coming month. It’s an ideal time for new beginnings and new cycles in your life.

What area in your life do you want bring a sense of newness? Maybe you are applying for a new job, working towards a career. It may feel like you are walking up a very step hill and your not seeing any progress. This card signifies that your hard work is paying off. You can be proud of yourself.

This card signifies a new cycle as mentioned above. If you don’t want to change your career, you can start to plan and think of your long term goals and ambitions. You can use this energy to kickstart your plans, giving you momentum to make any changes, one step at a time. Enjoy your week ahead

I hope this card resonated with you, and you feel happy with what you have achieved. I have availability for tarot reading and reiki healing next week, if you would like further guidance or healing.


October’s Full Moon in Aries 🌕

20th October we have the October Full Moon in Aries and the sun is in Libra. We have the energy if “me” with Aries and “we” with the sun in Libra.

What can we expect from this Full Moon?

The Full Moon as I’ve written in my previous posts is a time to let go of anything which doesn’t serve you. This can be emotions, people, situations and limiting self beliefs. You can use the affirmation below 👇🏻

When we release anything which we no longer want or need we make space for all the newness. With this Full Moon the energies can again run high and don’t be surprised if you feel pulled between your own needs and those of others.

Aries is ruled by Mars, a planet which is the fearless warrior, and when its energy is strong, it can be a good time to overcome some of our deep-seated fears. It can be a good time to put on our warrior helmet, and find a new level of confidence.

The energies can create tension but while tension can be unsettling especially with the Libra softness you sometimes need this to move forward. If you feel you need to go with this energy to set boundaries, take control of your situation, speak your truth and change your situation.

On a final note every decision, change or action we take in life is also a poignant opportunity to learn, to grow, and to shift our life in a new direction.

Enjoy the beautiful moons energy, put your crystals out and bask under its beauty if you can xx


Virgo New Moon 🌙 and other planetary influences

Yes it’s that time again, a new moon in the Mutable sign of Virgo on 6th or 7th September.

What can you expect?

New Moons are typically a time to set intentions and welcoming new beginnings. If something from the past does come into your awareness, use this energy to think about how you can shift and transform this energy to better serve you or others in the future.

Virgo’s are an Earth sign, the maiden and the only female represented in astrology. She is the sign of duty, and of being of service to something bigger. Prioritising your health at this time that will truly be ideal. Maybe you can be of service to something much bigger than yourself, helping others.

As mentioned above it a time of new beginnings, so take this time to break bad habits, avoiding the gym or health appointments, and creating new ones, such as staying hydrated, taking breaks from social media, being more consistent with exercise and getting enough sleep every night.

It’s not only a new moon in Virgo on 6th/7th September, Mercury enters its a ‘shadow’ phase that starts a few weeks before the actual retrograde and ends a few weeks after, it’s a build up to the main event, a prequel of what’s to come. Mercury goes retrograde on On 26th September, I will discuss this later in the month.

Typically Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect back over the previous 3 months. Look back to June, what was happening? What do you feel needed revisiting, and then releasing?Mercury goes retrograde in Libra later in September, the last retrograde of 2021.

I recently bought Yasmin Bolands moonology cards. I’ve pulled 3 cards for the Virgo New Moon.


Moonology oracle cards by Yasmin Boland. Artwork by Nyx Roman

1. What changes will the Virgo New Moon BringNew Moon in Aries – This card is all about taking action, a new start. It’s a big Yes!, an extremely positive sign for you to see this as a sign from the Universe telling you if you want to make changes in your life, this card signifies now is the time. If you have been dreaming of starting something, this is the green light you may have been looking for. However with it being in the sign of Aries it is the beginning, the start.  Be happy with your progress and carry on. This card also signifies its a great time to set your intentions for the coming months, journal or create your own New Moon rituals to call in what you want. 

2. What is the main message this Virgo New Moon? Disseminating Moon – The main message is you can take time out to breathe. This card signifies after the intensity or the peak of the full moon, you can review where you are right now. This card also relates to acceptance and review. When we reach a place if acceptance we no longer have an attachment to what has gone or what you have lost, a time to take stock of where you are. “I am where I am and it’s okay.”

3. What can I learn from the Virgo New Moon?
New Moon- Very apt, this card was pulled for the New Moon. This is one of the most auspicious cards in the deck and signifies a big yes!. Its a very positive card and for the purpose of this reading I feel that this time will be on the whole positive.  The main message for you to learn from the universe is you may find that you are starting over again in some way.  This can be a new job, course and some new situation which feels fresh and new but ultimately positive. Life moves in cycles like the seasons and the moon, this card is to remind you that life changes and moves and this is. time for you to start a fresh and wipe the slate clean so to speak, a new start is on its way. With the New Moon being in Virgo this could be a new start in regards to a health regime, being of service to others and having a more selfless attitude. 

I hope these cards brought you some clarity and insight. If you would like a more in-depth reading you can see more details in the book services page.

JP x


Meeting and working with spirit guides ✨

✨Do you work with spirit guides 👻, angels 👼🏻 or totem animals🐺?

✨Healing spirit guides or animal guides for inspiration and guidance?

If you are a reiki healer, massage therapist, energy worker, a coach, or you’re on a spiritual journey and want guidance; working with a guide can really enhance your work and development.

I’ve recently started working with a new spirit guide. At first I wasn’t sure how he could help me but after lots of research and discussions with my mentors I’ve discovered how.

They can come to you during mediation, you can do specific meet your spirit guides meditations to meet them, if you don’t know who they are. I’ve met up with mine many times while meditating, in dreams and now I converse with them all the time.

I met my first spirit guide (Aboriginal Elder) called John Joe when I was attuned to Reiki level one over 13 years ago, he was sat around a fire with other people.I saw a similar person when I went to Uluru in 2001, I stopped when I was walking around the base at sunrise. I saw an older Aboriginal man, I know believe this was John Joe. When I was attuned to Reiki level two in 2010, I met a Buddhist monk, he’s called Nitak. I call on him during reiki treatments and tarot readings, he makes these session more powerful.

When I was in Bali I met a monk, he was selling bracelets, I was immediately drawn to him. I felt this was a physical manifestation of Nitak.

Do you want to be guided on your spiritual path? Work with a spirit guide

I found they help you, guide you, and protect you. 

I realise how out there this sounds, but It’s been practiced for centuries by many cultures and from my own experience working with spirit guides has helped me develop further..

During a spiritual reading I had with a woman I’ve been seeing for years. She started talking about my spirit guides, whom I meet up with in meditation regularly and I work with. Prior to the reading I’d woken up to an image in my 3rd eye of a big cat running towards me. I thought it was a big cat or a tiger at first. The reader said I have a 3rd spirit guide coming to work with me, I retold my experience and she explained its a totem animal. This guide is to help me with speed with reading tarot and he will either appear to me in his human or animal form. I’d been feeling more and more drawn to travel to Peru and Argentina since 2019. She said I would go to Peru and I would have a deeply spiritual experience, which is why I feel so drawn to go.

I have feel very connected to a some countries; Australia, Israel, Egypt and now Peru, I believe there is a reason for this, it’s part of my spiritual journey. Travelling has always made me feel very happy on a soul level. , I’ve written about my experiences of 👉🏻, Soul led travelling 🧳.

The new totem guide would help me with my spiritual development too.

I knew it was a cat or a tiger, few weeks after the experience I was looking at oracle cards and I saw this puma. I didn’t know where they live naturally- you guys may do. I discovered they live In Peru – along with other central and South American countries. I love this connection, and the way I connect with my guides.

How beautiful is this picture of a puma. I knew instantly my guide was this animal and not a tiger, as I had previously believed.Take a look 👀 and let me know what you think. This is my new Totem guide, a cougar or Puma 😃 ( made me smile), he’s called Tuma.

However do listen to my video, where I talk about my own experiences.

I hope you loved reading this post, please like and subscribe if you’d like to learn more.

Love JP


New Moon in Cancer

Sun is in Cancer now and the new moon 🌙 is in the same sign.

The moon is between Earth and the sun, and the side of the moon facing toward earth receives no direct sunlight; it is lit only by dim sunlight reflected from Earth. It can also be known as the black moon 🌚 and this is what I knew it to be when I was in Thailand during this period of the lunar cycle. They had black moon parties 🎊

New Moon

This new moon is very powerful and what you do after 10th July and the next new moon on 8th August in Leo is very powerful. The Cancer new moon is about emotion, connection, family, flow and nurturing. It will come from a place of growth and will be good for others, including yourself.

⌚️ The New Moon 🌙 Times Around The World…

✨Hong Kong: Saturday July 10th, 9.17 am, 2021

✨London: Saturday July 10th, 1.17 pm 2021

✨New York: Friday July 9th, 9.17 pm, 2021.

For more details and the astrological calculations for each sign for the new moon see Star style

What can we expect with the energies of this New Moon in Cancer?

It’s a chance to start a new beginning and set your intentions for the coming month. A great way to do this is to journal or to check in and use this tarot reading for different areas in your life.

How can you find a balance between the softness of the heart and the hard boundaries that are needed to feel safe and protected?


I hope you can set your intentions and you feel more settled. I’m seeing family over this period, some members I’ve not seen for 2 years. I’ll embrace this and I’ll also remember to nurture myself too. Remember to fill up your own cup first before you take care of others! maybe this will be part of your intention this month?


June’s Super Full Moon 🌕 in Capricorn and the retrogrades.

On June 20th, the Sun moves into Cancer, we also have the summer solstice today in UK in the northern hemisphere and winter solstice in the southern hemisphere.

Therefore, this is a time to focus more on families and less on your ambitions (but that does not mean to ditch them either).

Jupiter in Pisces will also go into retrograde, which will last until October 18th. Joining Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune retrograde. A time to go inward and reflect on your life especially your professional life. I discuss Jupiter and Mercury retrograde in this blog post.

Jupiter retrograde is a time to look at what we believed or once new, a time to reflect; possibly changing and adapting the way we think and work. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is a positive planet. Things are always possible, and life is a journey where we are constantly learning.

What is being highlighted for you at this time?

It can shake things up, so try and keep your mind more fluid and have an open mind. It can help you focus more too. 

June 20th – July 29 in Pisces – our spiritual values or inutively led projects and work. 

Then Jupiter got into Aquarius from 29th July- 17th October, this is about society , how we view our society , we may question it, and we may see more resistance to societal changes at this time. Usually Jupiter is in one planet for a year, however it is different because it moves from Aquarius to Pisces. 

Mercury retrograde ends on 22nd June, followed by the shadow period afterwards, which ends on 7th July. Mercury retrograde occurs every year and isn’t as and as it is portrayed. It can be a time again to think back to the previous year, or look at your communication because Mercury rules this area.

Whenever a planet enters retrograde, it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. Of course, the planet is not actually moving backward, but this is how it appears from our vantage point here on Earth. There are 5 planets in retrograde, you are been asked by these planetary influences to slow down. This can be as simple as reducing screen time and sitting with yourself, journalling and reflecting, while you implement the lifestyle changes that your soul is leading you towards.

A few days after the sun moves into Cancer, we experience the first full moon of the summer on 24th June.

The June 2021 full moon rises in earth sign Capricorn, which is imbuing us with a newfound sense of discipline shifting the focus to our careers and work lives. This productive and hardworking vibe is perfect for putting a fire under our summer plans or bringing things in your professional life to an exciting climax. The full moon is also a time to let go and release. It will be more grounding with the moon being in an earth sign.

June’s full moon (which is also known as the annual 🍓 Strawberry Moon) is another super moon, which makes it the final super moon of 2021. All of these planetary and cosmic influences are calling you to look at your spiritual and soul path. 

The Full Moon marks the peak of the moon’s cycle, the moment when the energy is most intense, magnifying many aspects of our lives. They can expose our own shadows, allowing new truths to be revealed so we can step into a greater power and authenticity.

Full Moons are always powerful and are times of release and for coming into a deeper sense of awareness. We can feel more drained, experience sleeplessness or low during the moons peak.

It would be beneficial to perform a releasing ceremony with this Lunar Energy. What toxic behaviours are you done with? What about your core beliefs, are they holding you.

As usual you can use this Full Moon spread or you can ask yourself with your tarot cards – What do I need to address during this full moon.

I pulled one card, my guidance is “Boundaries”, a card from Rebecca Campbells oracle set.

Please contact me with any questions at starreiki9@gmail.com.

Enjoy the Summer Solstice, the Super Full Moon and the planetary aspects


Crystal love or Crystal obsession?

My recent crystal purchases

I’ll choose crystal love. You may wonder how do you decide which crystals are right for you?

My initial answer would be instinct, intuition.

I’ve studied crystals via courses, reading and through my own instinct. I’ve just completed a new course which incorporated crystal grids. I have used them a couple of times when manifesting through reiki charged crystals. However I wanted to learn more to assist my own crystal awareness and to help when I sell crystals to customers.

I created a mini guide to offer advice when purchasing crystals

Crystal Buying Guide

I work with clear Quartz everyday, I use this crystal to connect t and work with my guides when I do a reiki treatment or tarot reading. Selenite is another great crystal to clear your energy. There are many ways you can work with crystals, wearing crystal Jewellery, which absorbs your energy and heals you. My crystal collection started to grow because I bought many rings, pendants, bracelets which are not only beautiful but also accessible price wise. I believe crystals should be accessible to all.

What would I recommend when your starting your crystal collection?

I’d start with tumbled stones but a good starting point would be clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst and a grounding stone, either Obsidian or Black Tourmaline, and tigers eye

New Moon

On 21st we have a new moon in Aquarius and the sun moves into Aquarius. However we feel the affects for a couple of days afterwards.

How has your January being going so far?

We can feel pressure at the start of the new year to set resolutions and start a new you vibe!

Aquarius is about community, other people, progress, modernity and society. This is the first new moon of 2023, even more auspicious for intention setting and new beginnings. While technically a new beginning or period is at the start of spring. The new moon in Aquarius moving forward, and not looking back. Along with Mercury and Mars moving forward and out if retrograde this is a time for forward motion in which ever area of your life requires this.

Card for the weekend, the moon

The new moon signifies the start of a new cycle. It’s the time to formulate new intentions and re-evaluate our existing ones.
This is a time when our energy is lower, getting plenty of rest and allowing yourself the space to connect with your true purpose, passion and mission. If you can set aside time for meditating or journaling, or head into nature for inspiration. From here you can set intentions which are aligned with your authentic self.

When you feel ready, write down your new intentions and go through your existing list to make sure they are still valid and fit with your purpose and wishes. If you’d like to use your own oracle or tarot cards this spread gives you insight for the new moon, to check into the energies.

Enjoy this energy and let me know what area of your life you would love to motion forward.

JP x

Changing seasons of life

I felt inspired by my dear Friend Debbie, in her recent blog post she wrote about Sundays before children. How different they are, you take that time for granted, especially that you can lie in, sit and read papers all day, or go out for coffee.

I’m in a changing season right now, not just because we have entered winter (which I love), because I’m starting a new chapter as a mum and a woman.

My son moved out into student halls in September. I was equally excited for him and also sad. I did cry quite a few times while making the trips with his things. In fact to be totally honest I started crying last January wondering how I would manage without him.

This may seem dramatic or even manipulative. However I’d like to give you a little context. My son was caring for me, something I don’t like to always acknowledge, but due to my health and periods of fluctuating symptoms I needed him to help clean, walk the dog, buy food and cook. He did the majority of the cooking, he is a trained chef and when I did cook he often took the spoon off me or suggested things. I suggested he do the majority of the cooking. I couldn’t and can’t always do everything I used to. I’ve learnt to accept this now.

I knew deep down I would manage, he kept telling me I would. I was worried how I would manage being alone, emotionally because of my health and especially when I can’t go out. How would I feel being isolated with just the dog for company?

I’ve always been independent and relying on others doesn’t come easily to me. Without any contact or daily connection with a human, would my health decline further? Did I have the emotional resilience to go through another dark winter?

I Reflected on this, while his help was invaluable, and his sweet, stubborn nature brought light in the house. I also knew it didn’t always change my mental health, my outlook or mood. I was immensely grateful and yes it helped but I still experienced these periods of fluctuation, when he was here. When I was around others, this didn’t change necessarily. I had to ride the waves or the storm, therefore I would continue to do so when he wasn’t living with me.

It was fear, of the unknown, but also the knowing I could fall back into a place of isolation and disconnect.

Equally he was worried about living in halls, what his flat mates would be like, if they’d get on, managing his finances and student loan and university work. He also wanted to be independent.

So how are we mow?

He loves living in his student accomodation, I knew he would. He gets on really well with his flat mates, they are like a little family. My son turned 18 a month before covid and lockdowns, he hasn’t really being able to experience going out freely until now really. He’s enjoyed himself and had many nights out, which is equally a part of student life.

I’ve also found I have a certain amount of freedom, or if you can with having a dog. I enjoy the quiet something I never thought I would because I like to be around people, (in general). I do, at times feel lonely but Elle, my dog follows me around and keeps me company. I also realise if I want to have connection I can speak to a friend or family or my son. I can arrange to see people.

While we are both experiencing changing seasons and it’s new, it transpires my anxiety was fear, fear of the unknown.


Do you make resolutions?

I’ve thinking of writing about this topic since late December. I read an article written by Stacey Duguid, The only detox to consider , she was discussing resolutions, it prompted me to write this post.

I have personally stopped writing resolutions, que eye roll. I find that I don’t stick to them and then I feel deflated afterwards. How about you?

I think about goals, what I’d like to achieve, what do I want to do? Or ideas I find it’s more achievable, more personal. One of my goals is to finish Gabby Bernstein writing course and continue to write!

What are your goals for 2023