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Intuitively Eating workbook

Intuitively Eating workbook

Are you a yo-yo dieter?

Have you tried every diet going but you still don’t feel happy?

Do you see good as good or bad? 

We have been sent this message that good is bad for decades. Simply good is fuel to help nourish our body and mind. 

Intuitively Eating is a word you may have heard of but maybe your not sure what it entails.

You eat when your hungry, you learn to listen to your body and what it needs.

It also involves taking a breath and tracking your emotions, which enables you to look at why you eat certain foods at certain times. Why you binge, why you reach for food at night or why you crave certain foods. 

Do you eat when your 

  • stressed
  • tired
  • emotional
  • bored
  • lonely 

If you do this workbook will help you identify your triggers and develop a healthier relationship with food and yourself. 

first and foremost it’s about learning to love yourself and not your number on the scale. 

This workbook includes 30 pages of reflections, affirmations and a mood tracker. You can download and print the workbook to work through. 

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