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Distance Reiki Healing Treatment

Distance Reiki Healing Treatment

If you are wondering if the distance healing is working or when it will start?, if you will feel different? You may be blocking yourself from receiving the healing. I know from experience this can happen and i find it can take longer for me to connect with you and for you to enjoy the experience.

Give yourself time to relax and reflect before the session. Take some time to breathe, creating a peaceful state. Healing will always work for your highest good, it is only positive and cannot harm you. I find when you are relaxed and comfortable you will feel the benefits of the healing session.

I will send healing using the distance healing symbol which will make the session more powerful. I connect with you and I send you healing, working through your chakras or I can concentrate on a particular area.

All you need to do is lay or sit down in a place where you won't be disturbed for the duration of the healing session. You will feel energised and relaxed after this session.

Reiki is offered remotely and is available worldwide 

I will message you with any insights I gain through the healing connection. Please provide your full name when booking.



*Please read healing terms and conditions 

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