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30 minute General Tarot Reading

30 minute General Tarot Reading

 Tarot is an ancient tool to help you gain insight or clarity into a situation. The cards are dived into 21 major arcana starting with the fool and ending with the world. You have 4 suits with 14 cards in each suit. 

This reading is a personal guidance tool which can be referenced throughout the year to better set yourself up for success.

Whether you're looking to:

🪬Climb the career ladder/build a business


🪬Make significantly more money

🪬Or find your one true love…

 In a  general reading, we look at your life, what’s happening now, yours hopes your energy with a Celtic cross or a specific spread for your question/concern.

I can tailor each reading depending on your needs. 

I connect with your energy and I interpret the messages for you. I’m not a medium and I don’t receive messages from loved ones in the spirit realm.  I’m  the messenger or conduit and I will tell you the messages the cards offer you to help you heal and grow. 

This Reading is offered remotely via google meets, video call, FaceTime, Messenger or telephone and is available worldwide 

*Please Read Tarot Readings Terms and conditions



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