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When the healer needs healing

My own healing journey with reiki over the past couple of months, I haven't felt I could get through this difficult patch dealing with my emotions. The affirmation I wrote below is so relevant. While I can heal myself there are times when we need to find a practitioner to help with this process.


I've never written about my own experience of reiki healing, becasue I felt many different emotions and sensations i decided to write about it.

I've recently being having weekly distance reiki healing sessions to help me heal PTSD and depression. I have felt either very light and uplifted but also very tearful. The only way I can describe it is peeling away an onion, which as we know has many layers. I have been carrying my beautiful Apophyllite around in my pocket and I have it next to my bed. This crystal is beautiful and helps with Reiki healing.

I have found myself crying, like a sense of grief as the Reiki is unpacking emotions, which have been deeply hidden. I have felt my heart chakra in particular has released a lot of sadness, and to help me communicate more my throat chakra has felt blocked, I felt pressure in this chakra. This is one of the wonderful aspects of Reiki, it goes where it is needed. While these feelings can be uncomfortable and can feel strange you are releasing emotions, which are within your energetic field. When these emotions become trapped we become ill.

I find it can be so draining and so difficult when you do deep healing, but overall it is invaluable for your emotional and physical health. 

The emotions need to come out and the Reiki helps adjust the energies within the body. The emotions you experience need to flood out in order to restore and replenice your energy field and heart. Reiki helps with your spiritual growth, which intern supports you through this process.

Healing can be a very difficult process. Admittedly when I first started my Reiki training and I delved deeper into my spirituality I thought it was an easy process. I thought "love and light" was enough. However this isn’t always the case, it can be messy, difficult and you can feel like you can’t take anymore. Often feeling worse before you feel better. I personally believe when you experience this it is when it is truly working. Again when I started to peel back the layers I also experience great insights and more growth.

I do feel much better in myself, and mentally and much lighter after these sessions, which I’m very grateful for. 

I hope this gives you some insight into how I have experienced healing. If you would like to book a Reiki Healing session you can book through my services page.



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