Over the last 2 years in January, I’ve pulled a card for the year ahead. You could call it a little ritual I’ve developed. I like to get a feel of the vibe for that coming year.

I’ve just been looking at my apple notes, I write things, feelings, posts, blog ideas, captions etc. I found my interpretations this morning, whilst supposedly resting.

The cards have been so accurate. You might be sceptical but I’d totally forgotten which cards I’ve pulled. The meanings for me have ranged from learning to trust myself, trust I will be taken care of and surrendering to the unknown.

This year I had 6 Ariel, a card of abundance, fruitfulness and shows a big apple tree full of fruit. It also suggests being kind and sharing your abundance be it literally or in kind.

On Friday I finally took some of those apples to a good share. My neighbours apple tree was overflowing and I’d made and eaten enough apple crumble. So I shared them. 

Trusting my intuition and my sensitivity is really a strength and not a weakness. Abundance and growth in many different areas of my life. Yet here I am, nearing the end of 2022 and I’m ok, I survived it and I’m growing and I’m extremely grateful.

The past few years have been quite the rollercoaster. So it’s really not being rainbows and all sunshine. I like to think i’m proof that learning to trust when you don’t want to, believing your ideas, waiting it out and surfing those waves does work. 

I’m writing this to convey that for me tarot is a great tool, reflecting on where we’ve been is very powerful and it’s ok to trust. I hope you found my impromptu post interesting. May I suggest you use the tarot for your own yearly ritual. X

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