Creating Chakra Bracelets

Creating Chakra Bracelets

As you know I'm all about chakras, I have facilitated chakras courses ( it's part of my Reiki Healing Treatments and this inspired me to make Chakra candles to assist healing and balance each chakra.

I started making crystal bracelets & earrings for a few years to help me relax and be creative when my depressive symptoms were bad.

More recently I've had so much creative inspiration around making things, sometimes it's overwhelming but now I have a break from markets I can tap into this and make more jewellery.

I've know made a bracelet with gemstones for the 7

Chakras. Made with carnelian, red aventurine, citrine, green aventurine, apatite, lapis lazuli and amethyst.

What do you think?

I want to add silver chakra charm cord bracelets too! I only have 2 for now, they will be in the shop today. 

I'd love to receive feedback, please comment below!

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