Finding guidance during the full moon 🌕 with tarot and oracle cards

The full moon is a time to let go, release anything that doesn’t serve you. I started following the phases of the moon through apps such as The moon . The free aspect tracks the moons changes and tells you what signs the moon is in each day. The waning moon is also a powerful time toContinue reading “Finding guidance during the full moon 🌕 with tarot and oracle cards”

Tarot card of the week…

* To clarify it isn’t a new moon in Capricorn today, this is the card I pulled for The card of the week* I haven’t added a date because you may come across this card when you need it. The New Moon In Capricorn Capricorn is an earth sign, and the sign of ambition, buildingContinue reading “Tarot card of the week…”

August Full Moon in Aquarius

Hey Lovelies 💫 I’m connecting with you today to share details of the upcoming my Full moon 🌕, and what you can expect from the energies. It’s the full moon on 22nd August and its the second month the moon falls in the sign of Aquarius ♒️. It’s called the Sturgeon Moon, What can youContinue reading “August Full Moon in Aquarius”