Mercury Retrograde, a way to navigate…

It’s Mercury retrograde time! From 13th October until 3rd November 2020, in the sign of Scorpio. It’s not all bad, but it is a great time to reflect. If you want to reflect on your relationships; love life or moving forward journal the following questions. (Relationships with others or yourself) What are the fears thatContinue reading “Mercury Retrograde, a way to navigate…”

Summer solstice

A prayer to say when you celebrate the summer solstice, for me this is when I truly know summer is here. I’m thankful for the beautiful long days, sun and the excitement of summer. I feel grateful, happy and excited anticipation for what the summer will bring. Recently I’ve been thinking about the times IContinue reading “Summer solstice”

Feeling anxious and abandoned by Joanne

When we give too much we can lose sight of oursleves, in the post below Joanne discusses these feelings of feeling left out, or more importantly being out of our body. We can feel left out in the cold when we continue to give but we dont feel we recieve.  I have mentioned in postsContinue reading “Feeling anxious and abandoned by Joanne”

Swap Resolutions for Gratitude

I have written a post about gratitude , how I embraced it last year. You feel better, less stressed, more aligned, in the now. While I’m in the early stages of this journey, I’m yet to find gratitude in the bad experiences; which shape us. The article below so eloquently guides you through the processContinue reading “Swap Resolutions for Gratitude”