Meeting and working with spirit guides ✨

✨Do you work with spirit guides 👻, angels 👼🏻 or totem animals🐺?

✨Healing spirit guides or animal guides for inspiration and guidance?

If you are a reiki healer, massage therapist, energy worker, a coach, or you’re on a spiritual journey and want guidance; working with a guide can really enhance your work and development.

Experiments with Cho Ku Rei – Reiki Rays

I’ve recently started using the Cho Ku Rei symbol to manifest and heal different areas in my life. It’s a power symbol, which enhances reiki healing. I generally write down my concern or what I’d like to heal for example. I draw the symbol over what I have written and I visualise it I repeatContinue reading “Experiments with Cho Ku Rei – Reiki Rays”

The art of stillness and listening to your inner voice

Do you listen to your inner voice? Do you ever listen to your inner voice, your intuition or your inner guide?  You may not realise that you do this regularly, when you get an uneasy feeling about someone or a situation this is your inner guide communicating with you.  We don’t always choose to listen. I know i haven’t,Continue reading “The art of stillness and listening to your inner voice”