Feeling anxious and abandoned by Joanne

When we give too much we can lose sight of oursleves, in the post below Joanne discusses these feelings of feeling left out, or more importantly being out of our body. We can feel left out in the cold when we continue to give but we dont feel we recieve.  I have mentioned in postsContinue reading “Feeling anxious and abandoned by Joanne”

Self love; praise yourself everyday

Self care Take yourself on a date, treat yourself  for achieving something today this for me is all part of self-care and self-love 💕. It is so important to incorporate self care as part of your daily activities. For example we all brush our teeth everyday, wash, and eat, all without thinking really, yet selfContinue reading “Self love; praise yourself everyday”

It’s ok…

It’s ok to just be… It really is ok, It’s ok to feel down, its ok to feel anxious, it’s ok. Yesterday I picked up my gratitude journal, it’s being a few days since I have written anything. I asked myself, what am I grateful for? After I reflected for a few minutes I cameContinue reading “It’s ok…”

Fear, what it is to me.

I started writing this post a few months ago, I’ve been busy with managing graves disease, using some of the techniques below and life got in the way. It’s interesting for me to be able to come back and read this. While this post is still relevant for me; it is interesting to reflect onContinue reading “Fear, what it is to me.”