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Crystal love or Crystal obsession?

I’ll choose crystal love. You may wonder how do you decide which crystals are right for you? My initial answer would be instinct, intuition. I’ve studied crystals via courses, reading and through my own instinct. I’ve just completed a new course which incorporated crystal grids. I have used them a couple of times when manifesting…

Full Moon in Virgo Guided Meditation

On 7th March we are experiencing a full moon in the sign of Virgo, know as the worm moon. The key theme is letting go of the past, be that feelings, people and or situations. However Virgo wants to know what will happen, will question why? While Pisces energy helps remind us that it isn’t…

New Moon

On 21st we have a new moon in Aquarius and the sun moves into Aquarius. However we feel the affects for a couple of days afterwards. How has your January being going so far? We can feel pressure at the start of the new year to set resolutions and start a new you vibe! Aquarius…

Changing seasons of life

I’m in a changing season right now, not just because we have entered winter (which I love), because I’m starting a new chapter as a mum and a woman.


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