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Transformation is hard, emerging from the the darkness to light. I wonder if I’m fighting it?  I’m learning that we need this time to heal, to grow, to connect, to find gratitude or grace. Sudden change can happen, allowing us to release the past and shift our lives in a new direction. Isolation is not…

This is beautiful 4/11

I am not sure who wrote this but I surely needed it: I took some time away after feeling crushed by the heaviness of everything today. All of it …This is beautiful 4/11

One day

Daily writing prompt Jot down the first thing that comes to your mind One day you started to feel overwhelmed One day your body is so tired One day you can’t stop crying One day it feels so heavy to move out of your safe chrysalis One day you feel disconnected from yourself, your life…

Crystal love or Crystal obsession?

I’ll choose crystal love. You may wonder how do you decide which crystals are right for you? My initial answer would be instinct, intuition. I’ve studied crystals via courses, reading and through my own instinct. I’ve just completed a new course which incorporated crystal grids. I have used them a couple of times when manifesting…


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