💥Chakras 101 Masterclass: An Online Programme to Balance and Heal Your Energy💥

I love sharing my knowledge about chakras and how you can learn to “Heal from Within”, recognising when your out of balance, how to heal and regain your personal power.

You will be guided through the course weekly or at your own pace through the 7 chakras. Learn how to recognise when each one is unbalanced and finishing with a guided meditation to help balance and heal each chakra.

Candle Collection

💥Chakra Candles to Balance and Heal Your Energy💥

Hand poured soy wax candles created to help balance and heal your energy. Each candle is created using essential oils and crystals to help you heal and balance your energy.

Major Arcana Tarot Collection: Soy wax candles

I’ve created tarot candles with essential oils essence candles, you can buy 90g candles or 200g.

If you would like to purchase crystals and workbooks head over to my store
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