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Star Spiritual

Third Eye & Crown Chakra Meditation

Third Eye & Crown Chakra Meditation

Digital Download

A combined Third Eye and Crown Chakra guided mediation with healing music to enhance your healing and how to breathe to clear your mind, relax and receive the full benefit from the healing download.

To help you balance and heal your Third Eye and Crown chakras. As you are guided to go deeper within you visualise the colour for each chakra as a spinning ball of light. You will be asked to repeat affirmations, which resonate with each chakra.

I begin with a simple breath mediation to help your relax then we move through the Heart & Throat chakra as below.

The Brow Chakra - Indigo
Crown Chakra - Violet

This mediation is minutes in duration for a deep connection and rejuvenating experience. This Guided mediation is spoken in English by a female with a Yorkshire accent.

Being a Digital Download, you will automatically be connected to download the file upon purchase. Unfortunately i do not offer refunds or exchanges for this listing. Thank you

I RECOMMEND YOU LISTEN with headphones for a deeper connection. Sit or lay down somewhere comfortable, where you will not be disturbed. You can listen before you go to bed or within your own meditation practice.

Advised to listen to once a week or as often as you feel drawn. 

Enjoy this beautiful and healing mediation and purchasing from Star Spiritual to help you Heal From Within.


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