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4 Card Email Reading

4 Card Email Reading

Tarot is an ancient tool to help you gain insight or clarity into a situation. The cards are dived into 21 major arcana starting with the fool and ending with the world. You have 4 suits with 14 cards in each suit. 

A 4 card spread is ideal, past, present and future and possible outcome.

Maybe you want to know about a decision

✨What will happen if I choose a?
✨what will happen if I choose b?
✨ outcome


or maybe you’d like to looking into:

🪬Climb the career ladder/build a business


🪬Make significantly more money

🪬Or find your one true love…

Readings will be recorded by voice message, and emailed with 24 hours. This service  is available worldwide due to the reading being completed by email. 

*Please Read Tarot Reading Terms and Conditions 


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