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30 Minute Reiki Healing Treatment

30 Minute Reiki Healing Treatment

The Reiki is a hands on healing treatment, which heals you on an emotional, spiritual, physical and mental level. It is a perfect treatment which promotes balance, healing and well-being.

During the 30 minute treatment, you can either lie down on the treatment table with a blanket or sit in a comfortable chair. I will place my hands on you, starting from your head. I will intuitively work through your chakras or if you require me to use reiki on a particular area. 

Healing will always work for your highest good, it is only positive and cannot harm you. I find when you are relaxed and comfortable you will feel the benefits of the healing session.

*Please read healing terms and conditions 

✨After your Reiki Healing session✨

There are generally no side affects after a Reiki treatment, you will feel relaxed and uplifted. However after the healing session you may experience headaches, stomach pains or feel weak. This due to the release of toxins, which build up in the system. Your body naturally cleanses itself after a healing treatment, it is a good sign. To help release and aid this process drink plenty of water, eat a light meal and get plenty of rest.


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