About us

Welcome to Star Spiritual

Healing and empowering others to “Heal From Within”.

I’m Janine the founder of Star Spiritual, a Certified Reiki Master and Certified Group Chakra Healing & Balancing Practitioner, Intuitive Tarot reader and now candle maker. 
I’ve been drawn to spirituality since I was a teenage when I found my mums old book of witchcraft from 1960’s. I would read this, burn incense and I started carrying crystals in my bra. I found I picked up on people’s vibes, and the energy in the room. I found I would know things about people, I now know it is energy and my natural psychic abilities. 
I created my business, Star Spiritual in 2020, it had been a desire of mine to have a spiritual business for a number of years. I just wasn’t sure how I could logistically do it. 
I was out of balance, burn out and my health was suffering, It accumulated over the years, I just didn't know what to do. Destiny stepped in and moved me out of a career which wasn’t right for me. I have found when we don't listen to our bodies, emotions or intuition, life steps in and moves us on another path. 
I was diagnosed with Graves disease (an autoimmune condition) and ptsd within 2 months. I was devastated and I'm learning to live alongside these conditions. However I now listen to my body more, I know I can only offer help if my emotional cup is full and resting and recharging my energy is essential.  I  know that I've needed a push to move into a different direction. I'm much happier doing this work, especially reiki healing and making candles. 
I was really lacking a creative outlet, I started writing a blog, making crystal jewellery and sharing my voice online to help heal my throat chakra and to help others. I pushed my boundaries, it’s scary at times being so vulnerable but it has helped me on my healing journey. 
I'm a trained Reiki practitioner, Group Chakra Practitioner and Tarot reader, I used this knowledge and researched my health conditions in relation to my chakras or energy centres. I’m currently learning mediumship, and working with different guides to develop this side of me.  
Healing isn't linear it’s an ongoing process, which takes time. I’ve learnt recently, we may not overcome what’s happened to us, we move to a place of acceptance. Xx