Last Minute

Last minute Annie is a northern saying, I’m often last minute Annie in many areas of my life. I’m often left racing around or feeling anxiety in my chest. I think why did you do this again?

In June 2022 I wanted to go away. I kept checking flights and places, I had my bag packed I was ready. Well 5 hours prior to going somewhere to relax I booked the flight and accommodation separately. I wanted somewhere quiet and beautiful. You may ask why? Circumstances and need.

I woke up at 4am, my flight was 6:15am. I live quite close to my local airport, my taxi arrived army and started to drive away. I ran after him at 4:30 calling him to come back. I was very flustered but I got to the airport. While calming down after what I must be the longest Que I’ve seen for security I started to panic, my chest pounding. Again why?

I trusted, listened to music to relax and I need not worry I was made a priority due to the time of my departure. Phew! I caught my flight, I was sat very close to the front with lots of leg room.

While last minute Annie isn’t great it all worked out. I stayed in a beautiful place, which was very isolated and quiet. the people I met were amazed I’d only booked my flight and holiday the night before.

View from the hotel

I swam every morning after breakfast, I popped into the town to see the turtles and I found this beautiful crystal on a early morning walk.

While last minute isn’t always great it does work out!


First Full Moon of 2023 in Cancer

On 6th January we are experiencing our first full moon of 2023 in the sign of Cancer, known as the wolf moon. This is a zodiac sign known for comfort, nourishment, belonging, and safety. Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, its at home here.

For those of you new to my blog, you may wonder how we work out the sign of the full moon. The moon is always in the opposite sign as the sun. We have the sun in Capricorn, the opposite sign is cancer. In astrology, each full moon lines up with a different zodiac sign, creating a vibe that changes from full moon to full moon.

What can we expect?

Surrendering to our emotions to assist with our healing process, while feeling safe and comfortable. If you had a draining or chaotic December you can now let go of this, find comfort and nurture yourself.

If you haven’t being taking care of yourself, this full moon will help you in this area. If like me, you haven’t really relaxed for the past few months, and your now finding yourself binge watching shows while wrapped in a fluffy blanket it’s all good. It may be what you need, and is a great way to start off 2023.

How will this full moon impact you?

This full moon will have a more profound influence on Capricorn and Cancer. It maybe an emotional full moon relating to your home, mother, family and the energy of the feminine. We also have Mercury & Mars retrograde, which will draw you to looking at the past. How is your relationship with your mum, other women and your feminine energy. This moon will also let you look at your creativity, beauty, and the feminine. Are you comfortable with this energy, do you feel safe to lean into this?

You could be planning to change your home, making it cosy and nurturing. You may want to reflect upon your relationship with your mum, illuminating this relationship and releasing these energies. Water is always wonder and cleansing, either a shower, bath, the ocean or a lake. Cooking nurturing food if you need to be grounded.

Thank you for reading this and enjoy the energies xx

My card for 2023

I wrote previously about my yearly ritual, in the blog post Reflecting. I like to get a feel of the vibe for that coming year.

My card for 2023 is Decision… This card refers to breaking free from what holds you back. However while you may initially think it’s breaking free from physical constraints or responsibilities. It is In fact self imposed restriction. The restrictions are thought based, dare I say fear. The birds in the picture depict freedom, communication and broadening my horizons.

The meaning also relates to detoxing, for me my mind, my body and my life. Before I analysed this card I looked on a retreat booking site, I was looking at retreats. Most detox retreats are fitness mixed in with some detox or yoga. I’d love a mixture of spiritual, juice detox and yoga and a low price point.

Doreen Virtue,

If offering year ahead readings, a personal guidance tool which can be referenced throughout the year to better set yourself up for success.

Whether you’re looking to:
🪬Climb the career ladder/build a business
🪬Make significantly more money
🪬Or find your one true love…

I have two offerings available you can gather further details here

If you know of accessible and affordable retreats please let me know and what card you pulled x Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2023

Creating Chakra bracelets

I love sharing my knowledge about chakras and how you can learn to “Heal from Within”, recognising when your out of balance, how to heal and regain your personal power.

As you know I’m all about chakras, I have facilitated chakras courses 🌈 it’s part of my Reiki Healing Treatments and this inspired me to make Chakra candles to assist healing and balance each chakra.

I started making crystal bracelets & earrings for a few years to help me relax and be creative when my depressive symptoms were bad.

More recently I’ve had so much creative inspiration around making things, sometimes it’s overwhelming but now I have a break from markets I can tap into this and make more jewellery.

I’ve made a bracelet with gemstones for the 7 Chakras. Made with carnelian, red aventurine, citrine, green aventurine, apatite, lapis lazuli and amethyst.

What do you think?

Chakra Bracelet

I want to add silver chakra charm cord bracelets too!

I only have 2 for now but they will be online soon.

I’d love to receive feedback, please comment below!

Recycle and Repurpose

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, I already follow this ethos in my day to day. I’ve reused an old yellow cushion cover to make new cushions. I’ve started cutting up old Muslim clothes to make face pads. I don’t have a sewing machine so it’s all hand sewing 🪡.


However I wondered how I can incorporate this into my business.

I’m trying to make sure that I recycle or repurpose my packing. When you order from me you’ll find that I reuse packing and packing products. I reuse brown paper, tissue paper, bubble wrap, boxes and Geami wrap.

I want to ensure I promote this in my business. I do want to move towards different types of inks for printing where possible for my labels. However with a small business it takes time.

Glass Candle and Metal Tins

Our glass candle containers & Metal Tins can be reused or recycled into new containers.

Geami Wrap –

Fully recyclable and reusable packaging solution, it consists of a brown kraft paper die-cut and converted into a 3-D web.

Boxes –

100% recyclable, re-use our boxes or break them down and recycle them in your waste paper bin.

Tape –

We use environmentally friendly brown paper tape as an alternative to plastic tape.

Clear Bubble Wrap –

If you receive clear bubble wrap in your order this is bubble wrap we have received in crystal deliveries from our suppliers that we have reused.

you can also recycle or repurpose any candle containers you purchase from Star Spiritual.

I would love to know how you reuse your candle containers 🫙

You can buy my candles online click the link below 👇🏻

JP x