What is Distance Reiki Healing and how does it work?

I’ve written a few articles about Reiki, explaining what is is, how you can use the Reiki Principles in your life to are a way to release the stories that your mind is telling you that create suffering as you go about your day. I’ve written about my own experience of using reiki to helpContinue reading “What is Distance Reiki Healing and how does it work?”

Full moon in Libra ♎️

✨Full moons are all about release, this full moon is a great time to release feelings around relationships love and about yourself. ✨It’s a full moon in Libra – it’s all about finding a balance, relationships and expressing yourself due to Libra ♎️ being an air sign. ✨Release and let go of any self doubt,Continue reading “Full moon in Libra ♎️”

Balance those chakras, ok but why? Ok

A chakra affirmation below outlines principle words, which define what each chakra does. For those who don’t know anything about energy – Energy can be found in everything and takes on many different forms for the context in which we talk about the body’s energy (qi also known as chi) is our vital force energyContinue reading “Balance those chakras, ok but why? Ok”