Travelling has been a spirtual quest

I have always encouraged people to travel, to see the world to experience life and all the wonders it has to offer. I’ve traveled with people, with my son when he was a baby through to his teenage years  and I’ve travelled alone… Travelling alone is scary, it can be daunting, It is also anContinue reading “Travelling has been a spirtual quest”

Feeling anxious and abandoned by Joanne

When we give too much we can lose sight of oursleves, in the post below Joanne discusses these feelings of feeling left out, or more importantly being out of our body. We can feel left out in the cold when we continue to give but we dont feel we recieve.  I have mentioned in postsContinue reading “Feeling anxious and abandoned by Joanne”

Swap Resolutions for Gratitude

I have written a post about gratitude , how I embraced it last year. You feel better, less stressed, more aligned, in the now. While I’m in the early stages of this journey, I’m yet to find gratitude in the bad experiences; which shape us. The article below so eloquently guides you through the processContinue reading “Swap Resolutions for Gratitude”

How to Manifest Self-Love…

I am inspired by many spiritual books, The Rules of Life, His Holiness The Dalai Lama, The Way to Freedom, Light is the new black, The Power of Now, The Inner Fix and The Universe Has Your Back. However I wasn’t so sure how to manifest, really manifest. I meditate, I use affirmations to increaseContinue reading “How to Manifest Self-Love…”