Reiki Healing…

What is Reiki? Good question, which I’m asked when I explain I’m a Reiki practitioner. I simply respond, it’s hands on healing which helps to restore your body’s natural ability to heal and balance our body energy system. However this is a very simplistic way to explain Reiki. According to Lisa Powers, we are bornContinue reading “Reiki Healing…”

Self love; praise yourself everyday

Self care Take yourself on a date, treat yourself  for achieving something today this for me is all part of self-care and self-love 💕. It is so important to incorporate self care as part of your daily activities. For example we all brush our teeth everyday, wash, and eat, all without thinking really, yet selfContinue reading “Self love; praise yourself everyday”

Energetically cutting ties with others

Tie Cutting exercise Do you ever find your self feeling drained of energy? Feeling negative aroud people or certain situations? We can often feel drained and our energy depleted when we are sensitive to energy. This can happen when we are with particular people, especially when strong emotions are involved. These strong emotions are moreContinue reading “Energetically cutting ties with others”

15 Signs your a healer

You feel the pain of others and have extreme empathy. You notice that strangers open up to you easily. you tend to have vivid dreams often. You need to help people, you don’t see any other way You can’t stand crowds and feel overwhelemed by them. You’re highly sensitive, and can be emotional. You knowContinue reading “15 Signs your a healer”