Affirmations, What are they? Affirmations are positive statements that can help you over come self sabotaging behaviours and negative beliefs. When you repeat them daily and you start to believe them, you can change your negative thought patterns, your mood, state of mind anxiety and deep rooted beliefs. They can help you create and manifestContinue reading “Affirmations”

15 Signs your a healer

You feel the pain of others and have extreme empathy. You notice that strangers open up to you easily. you tend to have vivid dreams often. You need to help people, you don’t see any other way You can’t stand crowds and feel overwhelemed by them. You’re highly sensitive, and can be emotional. You knowContinue reading “15 Signs your a healer”

Out of the spiritual closet

Those who know me well are very well aware that I’m a spiritual person, I believe in Karma, past lives, soul families, soul mates, and we have a light inside of us… Follow your intuition, it will always lead you to the right destination #FearlessSoul I believe we meet people along our journey for aContinue reading “Out of the spiritual closet”

The art of stillness and listening to your inner voice

Do you listen to your inner voice? Do you ever listen to your inner voice, your intuition or your inner guide?  You may not realise that you do this regularly, when you get an uneasy feeling about someone or a situation this is your inner guide communicating with you.  We don’t always choose to listen. I know i haven’t,Continue reading “The art of stillness and listening to your inner voice”


What are you grateful for? Gratitude, this is something I started to practice earlier this year.  Gratitude for me is a method of self care and it lifts my energetic vibration. I feel so much better, my mood is greatly increased, and it’s a good coping strategy. I believe it takes you away from theContinue reading “Gratitude”