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Reiki and Manifestation

Four years ago I asked the universe for a very specific offer for something I was selling. I decided to use reiki to increase my manifesting powers.

I won't go into too much details, however everyday I said the number out loud, I visualised it in my head. I asked the universe. I wrote down what I wanted on in my journal, I worried a little, the negative thoughts crept in, I persisted.

Whenever we want to create anything in our life we must be aware of our thoughts and words, both of which, are energy. Thoughts have powerful effects, thoughts are things and where our thoughts go so does our energy. Usui Sensei recognised this and it is promoted during reiki training, and is one of the 5 reiki principles.

I trusted the power of my own energy, manifesting and positivity, intrigued by the magic of the universe. After reading an article about reiki and manifestation I decided to charge my journal with Reiki energy. I wrote down what I wanted and I used the reiki power symbol Cho Ku Reiki pictured below (placing all of the power of the universe here).

Cho Ku Reiki (placing all of the power of the universe here).

The first offer I received fell through. A previous offer I was happy with, my gut instinct told me this was right. I felt fed up, annoyed, doubting, all negative emotions but I decided to visualise the original figure I wanted.

Thank you universe, thank you reiki energy because I did get this offer I originally manifested.

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