Join me for Full Moon in Virgo Meditation

Join me for Full Moon in Virgo Meditation

On 7th March we are experiencing a full moon in the sign of Virgo, know as the worm moon. The key theme is letting go of the past, be that feelings, people and or situations. However Virgo wants to know what will happen, will question why? While Pisces energy helps remind us that it isn’t always possible to know why? You may find that you’re in the middle of this push and pull. This full moon is setting the stage for major changes.

On the same day as the Full Moon, Saturn, the planet of structure, hard work, rules, and responsibility, moves into Pisces, where Saturn will remain for almost three years. Saturn is the planet of karma, and while change and closure is not always easy, it is very healing. 

As the opposite sign of Virgo, where the Full Moon March 2023 takes place, the push-pull dynamic between Virgo and Pisces will present an opportunity for us to think about, deal with, or give or receive closure.

For those of you new to my blog, you may wonder how we work out the sign of the full moon. The moon is always in the opposite sign as the sun. We have the sun in Capricorn, the opposite sign is cancer. In astrology, each full moon lines up with a different zodiac sign, creating a vibe that changes from full moon to full moon.

What can we expect? 

Surrendering to our emotions to assist with our healing process, while feeling safe and comfortable. If you had a draining or chaotic December you can now let go of this, find comfort and nurture yourself. 

If you haven’t being taking care of yourself, this full moon will help you in this area. If like me, you haven’t really relaxed for the past few months, and your now finding yourself binge watching shows while wrapped in a fluffy blanket it’s all good. It may be what you need, and is a great way to start off 2023. 

You could be planning to change your home, making it cosy and nurturing. You may want to reflect upon your relationship with your mum, illuminating this relationship and releasing these energies. Water is always wonder and cleansing, either a shower, bath, the ocean or a lake. Cooking nurturing food if you need to be grounded. 

Thank you for reading this and enjoy the energies xx 

Join me for a Full Moon guided Mediation at 8pm you can grab free tickets on my Eventbrite page 


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