After reading the daily addicts post about change and seeing Janne Robinsons email heading called change I started thinking about change. I often wonder if people can change. Some people in my life have mellowed, some have changed and grown, as I have and others I hope will.

Do you think people change if they can/do reflect on their behaviour? Do they need self awareness?

I used to think I could help people change (I eventually trained to be a social worker). I’ve had boyfriends who I thought I could help, I tried to rescue them but I couldn’t and I now know it wasn’t my place to do that and It’s part of a cycle of rescuing behaviour. It always comes from a place of kindness, genuine care and protection.

I realise now change has to come from the person. While learning about addiction (theoretical training) we discussed a model called cycle of change. Sorry if I’m only explaining what you may already know. However the person wishing to change has to be ready or wants to change. This is the first stage called contemplation as they move through each stage they gain knowledge, tools and can either have a relapse or they exit this cycle.


It’s their choice, their life path, their journey. It’s painful for the person who’s watching someone hurt themselves. I personally believe this module like many theoretical modules can be used in other areas of life and health conditions apart from addiction.

Do I think people can change??

Yes and no, I believe from a spiritual perspective people can and do. However it can be complex and requires a holistic approach. Encompassing all areas of a persons life, it takes deep work, and a willingness to want to change. Essentially reaching what is commonly referred to as rock bottom. Again this is subjective and is going to be different from person to person.

I had an interesting discussion this week with a mentor about plant medicine, which I’ve thought about using myself. The benefits for treating many conditions including PTSD, addictions, depression are well documented. Drug companies are conducting clinical trials with the prospect of including plant medicine for depression, anxiety. Plant medicine is an age old medicine, using various plants administered by shamans.

Shamanism is becoming more popular and dare I say mainstream. I’m sensitive to cultural appropriation and the exploitation of these ancient traditions and cultures. I personally have mixed feelings about the explosion of plant medicine being used for mass profit. I feel this is another post maybe?

After talking further I realised I don’t need to use plant medicine to connect to the earth or my guides because I’m already doing the spiritual work. I work with healing guides when I heal and I have been all my life. I just didn’t know it.

The power we hold to change and or move forward is within us all. We can access it if we want to.

JP xx 

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