Chakra Masterclass:A 5 week course to Balance and Heal Your Energy

starts 21 June, 2021
19:00 PM (UTC)

21:00 Minutes

Join me for a Group Chakra Masterclass, learn to Master your Inner Energy with  this 5- Part Chakra Programme!

To educate and guide you through the 7 chakras.

You will be guided by Janine over 5  weeks through the 7 chakras. We will meet online every  week on Sunday’s from 7:00pm to 9:30 (UTC) starting on 21st March. 

What to expect:

*Learn about the 7 Main Chakra

 *Learn to manage and harness energy efficiently

*Learn about the 7 main Chakras and how they work

 *Learn the relaxation and guided meditation to heal and balance the each Chakra. 

What you get:

Purchasing this group programme includes 5 live classes  PLUS  specially recorded chakra meditations provided by Janine. 

You will be able to download them and use them again and again.  You recieve a PDF booklet to refer back to. I will send you chakra affirmations you can save to your phone, to support your healing journey.

Register for the programme below.

What You’ll need:

– Your PDF workbook
– A blanket & pillow
– Pen and paper

Janine Petty

I’m reiki practitioner and energy healer, incorporating tarot and oracle cards. I run chakra balancing workshops, and I offer 121 healing incorporating wellness and reiki, chakra healing workshops.  I will help you to listen and trust your intuition, heal your deepest wounds, and raise your soul’s vibration –

I’m based in Leeds, England.

Starts 21 June, 2021

21:30 PM(UTC)

2 1/2 Hours

Overview of the Group Chakra Healing and Balancing Programme

Watch me discuss what we cover in my workshop : 2020

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