Recycle and Repurpose

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, I already follow this ethos in my day to day. I’ve reused an old yellow cushion cover to make new cushions. I’ve started cutting up old Muslim clothes to make face pads. I don’t have a sewing machine so it’s all hand sewing 🪡.


However I wondered how I can incorporate this into my business.

I’m trying to make sure that I recycle or repurpose my packing. When you order from me you’ll find that I reuse packing and packing products. I reuse brown paper, tissue paper, bubble wrap, boxes and Geami wrap.

I want to ensure I promote this in my business. I do want to move towards different types of inks for printing where possible for my labels. However with a small business it takes time.

Glass Candle and Metal Tins

Our glass candle containers & Metal Tins can be reused or recycled into new containers.

Geami Wrap –

Fully recyclable and reusable packaging solution, it consists of a brown kraft paper die-cut and converted into a 3-D web.

Boxes –

100% recyclable, re-use our boxes or break them down and recycle them in your waste paper bin.

Tape –

We use environmentally friendly brown paper tape as an alternative to plastic tape.

Clear Bubble Wrap –

If you receive clear bubble wrap in your order this is bubble wrap we have received in crystal deliveries from our suppliers that we have reused.

you can also recycle or repurpose any candle containers you purchase from Star Spiritual.

I would love to know how you reuse your candle containers 🫙

You can buy my candles online click the link below 👇🏻

JP x


Published by Janine Petty

Hi I’m Janine I make hand poured soy wax candles, I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer.

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