Trick or Treat Tarot pick 🔮

It’s been a while since I’ve pulled cards. Today I’m using the Everyday Witch Deck, in honour of Halloween. It’s sunny outside today in Yorkshire and the leaves are reflecting my interior, shades of golden yellow. I also need the inspiration today so here goes.

Take a deep breath and quite your mind, choose which crystal you feel drawn to. Smokey Quartz on the left, Clear Quartz in the middle and Citrine on the right.

Card One Smokey Quartz

The Empress

The Empress, this witch is glowing and growing metaphorically and in some cases literally. Are you ready to birth something? An idea, a business, a creative project, a child or a new life? This card is my favourite, it embodies for me feminine energy which is present in the masculine and feminine. It’s abundance, growth and owning your feminine power and nurture yourself. Such a beautiful card.

Card Two Clear Quartz

3 Wands

The 3 wands, keep focused on the prize🏆, your wish or goal. Success in however you view it is close by, you’re almost there. The key message is to keep going, it may feel like you have been waiting for so long. Don’t give up because yo are so close to achieving your goal or desire. However when we are super focused, as this witch is we can miss what is going on around us because we are so focused on this goal. Remember to balance your goals with living in the present.

Card Three Citrine

Queen of cups

Queen of Cups, this witch maybe you or someone in your life. She is in some ways similar to the Empress. She is a nurturing person, she gives with her heart, some would say she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is intuitive, and kind. If you are feeling overwhelmed with emotion she maybe someone who you can turn to, she maybe you. If you chose this card the Queen of Cups maybe in your life, have you taken her offer of help? If you are offering empathy and compassion to others right now, just be careful that your own cup is full. You can’t give to others if your own cup is empty and they’re is nothing wrong with taking care of your own needs first.

I’d say all of the cards are treats, full of healing, insight and optimism. Remember you got this, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

Do let me know which stone you chose. I picked Smokey Quartz, my new stone.

I’d appreciate if you’d follow me and like to help me grow. Take care and I’ll be back with a Halloween post on Monday! I’ll be reading tarot at Central Square in Leeds.


Published by Janine Petty

Hi I’m Janine I make hand poured soy wax candles, I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer.

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