August Super Full moon In Aquarius

Also known as the sturgeon moon, this is a powerful moon baby.

The Full Moon marks the peak of the moon’s cycle, the moment when the energy is most intense, magnifying many aspects of our lives. They can expose our own shadows, allowing new truths to be revealed so we can step into a greater power and authenticity.

Full Moons are always powerful and are times of release and for coming into a deeper sense of awareness. We can feel more drained, experience sleeplessness or low during the moons peak

last supermoon of 2022 (the other three occurred on May 16, June 14, and July 13). This means that the emotional energy will be more intense than usual, due to the moon being perigee: Its close proximity to the earth makes us feel the lunar potency.

A full moon in Aquarius offers us the chance to see how the collective and groups can rise up and implement change. Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, as they’re always working hard to help others survive and thrive. With the moon in humane and charitable Aquarius, we’ll want to do our best to help humankind. You may see more people coming together to help others, a rise in concern for humanity and our community and our global community.

Being that it opposes the Leo sun, which is known for dramatic expressions of the heart, we will have to strive for a middle ground to balance out these juxtaposing energies. As mentioned above this opposition relates to how we can find our place in the world and our community and thinking of others, rather than self. Aquarius and Leo both love find giving to others be it in different ways.

We also have Saturn retrograde and Uranus in Taurus along with the Aquarius moon, creating a revolutionary and altruistic essence. This component of the Sturgeon full moon is bringing us back to 2021, when Saturn and Uranus clashed in the sky on February 14, June 14, and December 24. These dates triggered protests, around the world.

I’ve pulled 3 cards for the collective using this spread👇🏻

The 3 cards I pulled for the collective reading

1. King of Wands – The wands are the suit of action and movement. The king of wands can be a man in your life or it can signify the masculine association. This King is adventurous, driven, charismatic and takes charge of his destiny. If we think about the Aquarius Full Moon, and the energies we can equate this card to moving forward and organising either ourselves or within our community for the good of others either locally, nationally or globally. It will give us the energy or fire to move ahead, make the next step and take charge of your of life/destiny. in the Uk we have had many people striking, taking charge of their lives and in America Kanas has ruled against the Roe v’S Wade ruling. These are examples of taking charge of a situation, which affects not only individual’s but the collective.

2. 7 Wands – If you look at the picture you can see the witch looks defensive, or prepared for anything, and she isn’t afraid. The card says “just because you feel like everyone is out to get you doesn’t mean they are. Of course, it doesn’t mean they aren’t, either”. This Full Moon , you will feel prepared for anything or maybe you have been fighting for sometime. However this takes a lot of energy, being prepared is ok. You can ask yourself, who am I defending? Why am I prepared for the worst, when everything is ok? You could take this energy and use it for something more productive. A fine example of this is the media’s constant negative rhetoric, which can make us feel angry. We may find people feeling angry now, and ready for anything. The full moon marks the peak of the moon’s cycle, when the energy is most intense, and it magnifies many aspects in our lives. Can you use this energy for something more production and channel it into something to help your situation and that of the collective, rather than being defensive or lashing out.

3. The Hermit – “Alone is not the same as being lonely” When we sit in silence or when we meditate and live in the now we find great wisdom. What can we learn from this Super Full Moon? There are times when you can only hear yourself think by sitting quietly and removing yourself from the noise. Taking time off social media, off your phone and even going off to a beautiful place in nature. This card signifies if you can, it is time to take yourself off alone for a while. This can mean physical or mentally. when life is hectic, which this full moon can easily bring this up finding time to take time out will be beneficial.

Full moon collective reading – cards from Everyday Witch Tarot, by Deborah Blake.

Take care of yourself x JP


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