You are enough

I’ve recently being looking through To The Women, words to live by by Donna Ashworth, which a good friend gave me. It’s a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I’ve been taking pictures of random pages and posting them on my instagram account. Today I needed a creative outlet so decided I’d type something for you to read.

I often don’t feel I am enough. I give freely to others and I’ll try my best to lift them up but I struggle, especially when my health isn’t good to reciprocate and give this energy back to myself. I push through each day, and while I’m dealing with my health, I’m also managing my little business. However over the past few days I’ve been comparing myself to others and not feeling I’m enough. For me it’s very unhealthy. We think they have it all figured out. Maybe they do, maybe they also have hard days? We are all human, flawed and unique. We don’t know unless we have walked in their shoes.

I’m also guilty of sharing a highlighted version of my life.

I’m starting to show behind the mask, shinning light on it. While I have been very brave and I’ve strived ahead, right now I don’t recognise myself. I feel vulnerable, lost, scared and I’m not sure how to move through. I feel as though I’m looking from the outside and I don’t recognise what’s happening.

This piece, really resonated with how I’ve been feeling. I hope you like it as much as I did. (While the poems are written for women, they can apply to anyone who needs to hear them.)

To the Woman who thinks she isn’t enough

To the woman who looks around and wonders, why everyone else is so much more capable, so much stronger, so much more ambitious, than her.

To the woman who thinks everyone else is blazing a fiery path. Through this thing we call life, while she limps behind, barley getting through the days. Somewhere, another woman is looking at you thinking exactly the same.

You see, we all look like we’re kinda nailing it, from the outside in. We all look together sometimes. Catch us on the right day and hey, we look like we have it all. Because guess what, we learned to look that way a long time ago. We learned to hide our struggles behind a smile and whack on that mask everyday.

And actually, we are doing each other a favour when we show up, just as we are, warts and all, late, flustered, human.

What we really need to see is that we are all the same. We all struggle, We all fall apart. Some days we nail it, other days owe get nailed. By hiding our own weaknesses, fears, worries – we give them more power. If you let it out, shine a light on it all, it becomes so much less scary, funny even…

And goodness only knows we need to laugh.So, to the woman who wonders if she is good enough…

If this is you. Yes you are. You always were. You don’t have to live up to everyone’s expectation of how you should be coping.

You are human, flawed, wonderful, miraculous, loveable, loved. I see you. Now do me a favour and go see all the others too. Spread the word, we are good enough, just as we are.

Published by Janine Petty

Hi I’m Janine I make hand poured soy wax candles, I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer.

2 thoughts on “You are enough

  1. Yes very true.
    Maybe those who appear very confident are not giving into negativity. It could be they had a basin full of it and said no more.
    Even people who think they’re better than others are wounded because they don’t feel others like them. Or been told that.
    Still we have to wonder why some people are mean. They are the ones that need to accept themselves – warts and all.


    1. I think the people who are mean need them most love and healing. I do think some people are confident and I know I have been but are they 💯 all the time? Maybe not. I think that’s why I liked this piece because we are all human and we do all have flaws


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