The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra, the last of the higher chakras. It is the bridge from the physical chakras up to the spiritual chakras and a higher state of consciousness. It is the place where we speak our truth, feeling heard and actively listen to others.

When you really listen to others you truly hear what they are expressing. However if you use your voice to spread gossip or speaking negatively about others and yourself the positive energy is destroyed and directed inwards. This is an important spiritual lesson, learning to be truthful with yourself rather than denying who you are.

When this chakra is not balanced, you may feel you are unable to communicate verbally, physically, and emotionally.

When you balance and open the Throat Chakra you can express your creativity, express your feelings and communicate without worry of criticism or judgment from yourself or others. From my own experiences with a blocked throat chakra, being creative and having a writing outlet helped me heal this chakra. I was worried what others thought at first, now I’m not bothered. I found my love of writing again and I started this website and blog.


Star Spiritual

It promotes honesty and harmony with your feelings and actions and helps you live more authentically and free.

If you would like to purchase one of these candles to help balance this chakra or you’d like to learn more click the link below 👇🏻


Published by Janine Petty

Hi I’m Janine I make hand poured soy wax candles, I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer.

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