November Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus ♉️

Today, 19th November is the full moon in Taurus, but this lunation is a partial full moon eclipse, the last one of the year. This moon is also known as the Beaver Moon according to the farmers almanac.

A full moon is always in the opposite sign to the sun, in this case the sun is In the fixed water Scorpio ruled by Pluto and the moon in the fixed earth sign Taurus, ruled by Venus. Taurus need to feel secure both emotionally and physically. The sun represents the inner you and the moon our emotions. This is why full moons and be so deeply stirring and emotive for the collective.

This lunar eclipse starts the eclipse season, It will vary on but as a general rule it will illuminate possessions, relationships and money. It may be an intense time for everyone but affecting Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius the most.

We can feel deeply emotional, find ourselves sleeping poorly. Along with the partial eclipse it adds more intensity, igniting transitional changes and the desire to purge and release right now will be magnified. Your feelings are going to be more intense more than usual, and it’s up to you to become the observer and pay attention to how this is affecting you at this time. However, releasing work should only be done after the moon has reached fullness and has started to enter its waning phase; a day or so after it’s peak.

Change is something you can rely on, life is ever evolving. However for Taurus change can be deeply unsettling. Change doesn’t have to be negative. You may be challenged to step out of your comfort zone also celebrate what you have achieved.

This full moon lunar eclipse will initiate change as mentioned above, but Taurus is also a very determined, strong and tenacious sign. Don’t forget the bull charges ahead. You maybe given a push to make a change in an area of your life, which just doesn’t light you up anymore.

Maybe you feel you’ve had enough with your current role at work and you need a nudge to make a change?, or your unsure about travelling to a place you’ve always dreamed of because you feel nervous? Maybe your thinking about your close relationships and if they are nurturing and make you feel secure? It’s a delicate balance that you might need to find, and it could involve needing to let go of a person or old belief system you may still be carrying around. Don’t worry as this process promises to be empowering, stay grounded and focus on your needs. After all taurus is a very sensuous sign, have a salt bath or book a pampering treat or eat a wholesome healthy meal to ground and nourish yourself.

Taurus likes to plan and feel secure before they make decisions, unless the inner bull stomps out then they charge ahead regardless (I have my sun in Taurus). However this doesn’t mean you have to have a detailed plan in place or tick all the boxes before making a decision. You will however benefit if you are fully grounded in your new desires, dare I say prepared because this will help you during this transition. Transformation and change can be both beautiful and uncomfortable, however when we surrender rather than push against the process it is much easier and smoother. I say this from experience because I tend to push against rather than surrender.

Lastly Taurus rules the throat, and the thyroid gland. Look after your thyroid health and avoid toxins and be kind to yourself. Additionally Taurus is a passionate sign be mindful of what you say when you speak your truth. The full moon is a fierce time, and whilst it isn’t a time for you to be mute, it does require a few moments to ensure that you’re responding, and not reacting.

I hope you enjoy the full moon 🌕 and thank you for reading my post✨. JP xx


Published by Janine Petty

Hi I’m Janine I make hand poured soy wax candles, I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer.

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