Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde & Equinox

We have experienced the Full moon 🌕 on 21st and the Autumn/Spring equinox. In a few days Mercury goes retrograde, which I discuss later in the post. The moons energy is potent up to 3 days after it’s at its peak. You still have time to harness its energy

It’s called the Harvest Moon, because traditionally this is when farmers would harvest their fruits and vegetables. It’s a time of bounty and we also have the Autumn/Spring equinox too.

You could do a gratitude ritual to give thanks for all the existing blessings, gifts, wisdom and experiences in your life. Acknowledge all the things you have manifested so far – if your intentions are still new you may only see small changes, but the power of gratitude combined with the full moon will supercharge your manifestation energy..

 As mentioned earlier it can really bring up old patterns or behaviours which will be magnified more at this time.

Be kind to yourself if your especially sensitive to energies around the full moon, rest, meditation and practice self care 🧘🏼. 

However this manifests for you also try to embrace the free spirited side and navigate the paths that are opening up for you, keeping an open mind to all possibilities which lay ahead. 

A 5 card full moon spread to explore the moons energy, delve into this 🌕. The cards are Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland.

1. The question or situation as it is now
New Moon in Cancer ♋️ A new start is coming or a new connection is growing with those around you. This could be within your family, flat mates or you may be thinking of moving home. If you want to move forward in your private and family life, the message in this card is you can do this right now. Maybe you have felt disconnected from your family or loved ones, given what is happening in the world this is very true for many. If you have been neglecting yourself, reconnect with your family or yourself. Nurture and take care of yourself. It’s ok to ask others for help or let someone get closer to you.

2. Past influences
Full Moon in Sagittarius ♐️ In the past few weeks you may have been procrastinating about a situation, this card signifies that planning and thinking is good but sometimes you need to action, step back and look at the bigger picture. What did you need to truly see about your situation? What did you learn? Yes it may have been an uncertain time but sometimes we need to take risks to move ahead and progress to the next stage in life.

3.Current or internal influences Full Moon in Gemini ♊️ This card advises the importance of communication and speaking your truth. However we should also be mindful that our words and truth can impact your listener. Depending on the circumstances you may have to have further discussions to resolve the situation. Words have power and relating to the throat chakra when we don’t express ourselves in a balanced way it can become blocked and out of balance. Finding other ways to let go of this energy is ideal, laughter, journaling, flirting or simply moving on.

4.Current external influences Full Moon in Aquarius ♒️
The cards conveys that you may need to detach yourself from your current situation or your being kept at arms length by someone else? This isn’t a bad thing and letting life slowly unfold and progress without attaching to the outcome is ok, try not to be too much on your head. Maybe you’ve been holding back, not showing your true self? Go ahead and be yourself and if you need to step into the light, be unconventional. Be you

5. Guidance & Advice
Full Moon in Taurus ♉️
This full moon is magical but sometimes we need to be practical too, this card illustrates the need to balance the two. You can use magic to manifest and welcome in what you need to grow while taking practical or a down to earth approach too. You could write a list, bullet points or ask questions relating to achieving what you desire. Chase the dream but not the money, use the magical energy wisely.

Mercury goes retrograde on On 26th September in the sign of Libra, while the sun is also in Libra.

Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap, yes communication can be affected, delays with travel and ex’s can come back into your life. However retrogrades are also beneficial, you can have a do over too. A time to reflect over the previous 3 months.

Look back to June, what was happening then?What do you feel needs revisiting, reflecting upon and then possibly releasing?

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Enjoy and thank you for reading xx


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Hi I’m Janine I make hand poured soy wax candles, I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer.

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