Virgo New Moon 🌙 and other planetary influences

Yes it’s that time again, a new moon in the Mutable sign of Virgo on 6th or 7th September.

What can you expect?

New Moons are typically a time to set intentions and welcoming new beginnings. If something from the past does come into your awareness, use this energy to think about how you can shift and transform this energy to better serve you or others in the future.

Virgo’s are an Earth sign, the maiden and the only female represented in astrology. She is the sign of duty, and of being of service to something bigger. Prioritising your health at this time that will truly be ideal. Maybe you can be of service to something much bigger than yourself, helping others.

As mentioned above it a time of new beginnings, so take this time to break bad habits, avoiding the gym or health appointments, and creating new ones, such as staying hydrated, taking breaks from social media, being more consistent with exercise and getting enough sleep every night.

It’s not only a new moon in Virgo on 6th/7th September, Mercury enters its a ‘shadow’ phase that starts a few weeks before the actual retrograde and ends a few weeks after, it’s a build up to the main event, a prequel of what’s to come. Mercury goes retrograde on On 26th September, I will discuss this later in the month.

Typically Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect back over the previous 3 months. Look back to June, what was happening? What do you feel needed revisiting, and then releasing?Mercury goes retrograde in Libra later in September, the last retrograde of 2021.

I recently bought Yasmin Bolands moonology cards. I’ve pulled 3 cards for the Virgo New Moon.


Moonology oracle cards by Yasmin Boland. Artwork by Nyx Roman

1. What changes will the Virgo New Moon BringNew Moon in Aries – This card is all about taking action, a new start. It’s a big Yes!, an extremely positive sign for you to see this as a sign from the Universe telling you if you want to make changes in your life, this card signifies now is the time. If you have been dreaming of starting something, this is the green light you may have been looking for. However with it being in the sign of Aries it is the beginning, the start.  Be happy with your progress and carry on. This card also signifies its a great time to set your intentions for the coming months, journal or create your own New Moon rituals to call in what you want. 

2. What is the main message this Virgo New Moon? Disseminating Moon – The main message is you can take time out to breathe. This card signifies after the intensity or the peak of the full moon, you can review where you are right now. This card also relates to acceptance and review. When we reach a place if acceptance we no longer have an attachment to what has gone or what you have lost, a time to take stock of where you are. “I am where I am and it’s okay.”

3. What can I learn from the Virgo New Moon?
New Moon- Very apt, this card was pulled for the New Moon. This is one of the most auspicious cards in the deck and signifies a big yes!. Its a very positive card and for the purpose of this reading I feel that this time will be on the whole positive.  The main message for you to learn from the universe is you may find that you are starting over again in some way.  This can be a new job, course and some new situation which feels fresh and new but ultimately positive. Life moves in cycles like the seasons and the moon, this card is to remind you that life changes and moves and this is. time for you to start a fresh and wipe the slate clean so to speak, a new start is on its way. With the New Moon being in Virgo this could be a new start in regards to a health regime, being of service to others and having a more selfless attitude. 

I hope these cards brought you some clarity and insight. If you would like a more in-depth reading you can see more details in the book services page.

JP x


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Hi I’m Janine I make hand poured soy wax candles, I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer.

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