August Full Moon in Aquarius

Hey Lovelies 💫

I’m connecting with you today to share details of the upcoming my Full moon 🌕, and what you can expect from the energies. It’s the full moon on 22nd August and its the second month the moon falls in the sign of Aquarius ♒️. It’s called the Sturgeon Moon,

What can you expect? 

A time of reflection, looking at what it is you want and reviewing where you’d like to go on your soul journey. 

We will feel the energetic affects of the moon more, along with the eclipse, which brings things up to the surface and magnifies old patterns of behaviour.
The full moon is in Aquarius, a air sign, known for being a humanitarian, quirky, and is also the establishment. This will bring change, as every moon does.

We should feel more aligned with society and our fellow humans. We are certainly seeing change around the world, in some countries notably Australia the rules are becoming more draconian, while we are seeing a relaxing. Expect more protests, more news about global issues especially relating to the planet. 

 As mentioned earlier it can really bring up old patterns or behaviours which will be magnified more at this time.

Be kind to yourself if your especially sensitive to energies around the full moon, rest, meditation and practice self care 🧘🏼. 

However this manifests for you also try to embrace the free spirited side and navigate the paths that are opening up for you, keeping an open mind to all possibilities which lay ahead. 

A 5 card full moon spread to explore the moons energy, delve into this 🌕. I’ve received my moonology cards in the post. I will use these next month. For now I’ve used a different deck.

The cards are the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake.

1. The question or situation as it is now
Ten of Swords 🗡 – It may not have worked out as you planned, this is a card which signifies a difficult time, which can be unbearable. The battle is finally over, you may want to give up, maybe someone has let you down or you feel deceived ? However a difficult situation is coming to an end, but what can you learn from this situation? We can learn from even the most difficult times, you know that it has ended, you can take a breath and start to move on, pull the swords out of your back and keep going. This card can also be a warning to be aware of what is happening around you and learning to listen to your intuition.

2. Past influences
Ten of Cups – The joyful family life hasn’t happened by accident. The King and Queen have worked for their life. Happiness isn’t purely related to finances, goals or attainment. True happiness comes from emotional fullfilment. This card has no negative connotations, it is loving, happiness, emotional success, it is here to remind you that happiness is not related to the material but within our emotional and spiritual side. This card can also signify if you do appreciate what you have in life and sometimes we have to go through difficult times to really appreciate the bliss. Your crown is in your heart not in your head

. 3.Current or internal influences The Magician 🪄 – You have the magic inside of you and you can use the moons energy to manifest the life you want. You just have to believe it, when you doubt your self or have limiting beliefs you can unknowingly block beautiful things from being created. You have all the tools or gifts within you, your external world maybe difficult it is temporary. Believe you are the magician, and you can have the life you dreamt dared to dream.

4.Current external influences
Ace of Pentacles 🪙 – Unlimited potential for unlimited success this is what is in your external world right now. Essentially all is good. It may not feel this way but you have the magician in your internal influence the Ace will enable you to practically manifest your inner desires into reality. This card is all about good luck, prosperity, career, home, money and practical elements in life.

5. Guidance & Advice
The Hanged Man ⛓- If you feel stuck or of others think you are, quite simply you aren’t stuck. If you’ve hit a walk you can either go over it or under instead of through it. You are doing things your way, it may seem unconventional, but your happy with this.

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