June’s Super Full Moon 🌕 in Capricorn and the retrogrades.

On June 20th, the Sun moves into Cancer, we also have the summer solstice today in UK in the northern hemisphere and winter solstice in the southern hemisphere.

Therefore, this is a time to focus more on families and less on your ambitions (but that does not mean to ditch them either).

Jupiter in Pisces will also go into retrograde, which will last until October 18th. Joining Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune retrograde. A time to go inward and reflect on your life especially your professional life. I discuss Jupiter and Mercury retrograde in this blog post.

Jupiter retrograde is a time to look at what we believed or once new, a time to reflect; possibly changing and adapting the way we think and work. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is a positive planet. Things are always possible, and life is a journey where we are constantly learning.

What is being highlighted for you at this time?

It can shake things up, so try and keep your mind more fluid and have an open mind. It can help you focus more too. 

June 20th – July 29 in Pisces – our spiritual values or inutively led projects and work. 

Then Jupiter got into Aquarius from 29th July- 17th October, this is about society , how we view our society , we may question it, and we may see more resistance to societal changes at this time. Usually Jupiter is in one planet for a year, however it is different because it moves from Aquarius to Pisces. 

Mercury retrograde ends on 22nd June, followed by the shadow period afterwards, which ends on 7th July. Mercury retrograde occurs every year and isn’t as and as it is portrayed. It can be a time again to think back to the previous year, or look at your communication because Mercury rules this area.

Whenever a planet enters retrograde, it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. Of course, the planet is not actually moving backward, but this is how it appears from our vantage point here on Earth. There are 5 planets in retrograde, you are been asked by these planetary influences to slow down. This can be as simple as reducing screen time and sitting with yourself, journalling and reflecting, while you implement the lifestyle changes that your soul is leading you towards.

A few days after the sun moves into Cancer, we experience the first full moon of the summer on 24th June.

The June 2021 full moon rises in earth sign Capricorn, which is imbuing us with a newfound sense of discipline shifting the focus to our careers and work lives. This productive and hardworking vibe is perfect for putting a fire under our summer plans or bringing things in your professional life to an exciting climax. The full moon is also a time to let go and release. It will be more grounding with the moon being in an earth sign.

June’s full moon (which is also known as the annual 🍓 Strawberry Moon) is another super moon, which makes it the final super moon of 2021. All of these planetary and cosmic influences are calling you to look at your spiritual and soul path. 

The Full Moon marks the peak of the moon’s cycle, the moment when the energy is most intense, magnifying many aspects of our lives. They can expose our own shadows, allowing new truths to be revealed so we can step into a greater power and authenticity.

Full Moons are always powerful and are times of release and for coming into a deeper sense of awareness. We can feel more drained, experience sleeplessness or low during the moons peak.

It would be beneficial to perform a releasing ceremony with this Lunar Energy. What toxic behaviours are you done with? What about your core beliefs, are they holding you.

As usual you can use this Full Moon spread or you can ask yourself with your tarot cards – What do I need to address during this full moon.

I pulled one card, my guidance is “Boundaries”, a card from Rebecca Campbells oracle set.

Please contact me with any questions at starreiki9@gmail.com.

Enjoy the Summer Solstice, the Super Full Moon and the planetary aspects



Published by Janine Petty

Hi I’m Janine I make hand poured soy wax candles, I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer.

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