Tarot cards and transformation… loop

You may know Uranus moves into Taurus this year, it will stay in this sign for the next 7 years. It’s a major energetic change for the world and the inhabitants of the world. It’s powerful stuff and I want to harness this energetic push to make more positive changes in my life.

I have already made many changes over the past few years, one of which is being more creative and invoking my creative and spiritual side. I’m exploring this recently in the goddess collective, this month we are reading “Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear”, by Elizabeth Gilbert, it’s an amazing book.

I asked the tarot if I should direct my energy to my creative endeavours or love. I want to be more organised write more, exercise, study meditation and expand my Reiki business. This all takes time and I want a soulful relationship in my life.

The first card I pulled was The King of Cups.

The King of Cups appears to be floating on a granite block in the middle of a turbulent sea. Behind him on his right, a fish jumps out of the ocean, while on the left, a ship sails steadily despite the waves. These images show that this King stays calm and balanced, even in turbulent conditions, and has learned how to stay open to his emotions and unconscious impulses, without being overwhelmed by them. He keeps power and control while balancing his feelings. Biddy Tarot

This meaning suggests the King has mastered his emotions and creativity

According the Biddy Tarot, when this card is pulled in a reading it suggests you need to master and control your emotions, accept them but don’t let them take over the situation. Stay away from emotional drama and adopt a more mature approach to your situation. It can seem rather distant and cold. However, I feel you can use or learn from a person similar to this and harness your emotions to your advantage. Be balanced and calm. It can suggest that you can help others find balance, you can be a spiritual mentor or guide. Alternatively call upon your spirit guide to help you harness this powerful balanced energy.

This is very interesting in relation to creative endeavours, being mature, balanced and drawing on your inner power. You may turn to this man or person when you need emotional problem solving or ways to feel in a situation. Emotions and facing them is key in this situation. Less focus on the material aspects of life and more about moving forward and trusting your inner knowledge, your intuition and emotional self. If can also mean you want this kind of man in your life a water sign.

The second card I pulled is the Magician.

The Magician card is numbered One – the number of new beginnings and opportunities – and associates with the planet of Mercury. He stands with one arm stretched upwards towards the Universe, and the other pointing down to the earth. Biddy Tarot the Magician card

I use the tarot to ask questions and gain further guidance. I pulled the cards above. The magician is a wonderful card and it’s part of the Major Arcana, this card is in-between the spiritual and physical material realms. Transferring energy into matter, manifesting and creating.

As a master manifestor, the Magician brings you the tools, resources and energy you need to make your dreams come true. Seriously, everything you need right now is at your fingertips. You have the spiritual (fire), physical (earth), mental (air) and emotional (water) resources to manifest your desires

An amazing card, it would seem the green light is shining and telling me to run with my ideas.

It would seem i can achieve my creative goals and I can progress spiritually and move forward with meditation, reiki and writing. I love writing on this blog, journaling and instagram. The card suggests having a spiritual connection to your goals, and try to avoid distractions.. It’s very cathartic and opens up my creative side.

A Relationship

The The King of Cups can suggest that you will meet a man with these balanced, emotional qualities. This is very true and when interpreted in the area of relationships, this is what I want a soulful connection with someone.

Thus card can suggest I will meet a person who is a water sign, who is emotionally mature and soulful, or a man who has these qualities. I don’t tend to believe we have to be so rigid many people can have mixed astrology charts if he an earth sign but have the qualities of the King of Cups for example.

The magician again can be a archetype of a person you want to meet.

 The magician in a relationship outcome represents balance in the relationship, above all, it is what you make it.

The magician is a performer, he has a spiritual mesmerising quality about him. This card suggests I have the potential to be successful in many areas of my life. I can invoke and manifest the relationship I desire if I believe in myself.

 The Magician in love says that you are not only worthy of love, but that you must be an active participant. If you want a partner, then you have to set goals for the type of person that you want and then you have to become that person. Biddy Tarot

You are worthy of a great love, you have to believe you are first, be a shinning light of self worth.

You can have what ever you desire, be it love, creativity or business.

I conclude that I can have both love and to continue with my creative pursuits, reiki and meditation training and writing. I will visualise and know I’m worthy to have it all.

Have you ever used tarot to offer further guidance and insight?




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Hi I’m Janine I make hand poured soy wax candles, I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer.

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