Tools to help create a better life…

This post started as a method of finding happiness, what helps me, to help raise my vibration, spirit and mental health. It then turned into a list of what helps me. However it’s evolved into a list of tools I use to help me. I should call it my emotional tool kit, I don’t practice every method each day. Recently o have struggled to maintain these, however more importantly I don’t beat myself up. I’m kinder to myself.

My tool kit for happiness… How to feel happy where you are right now, well this isn’t always easy but for me practicing gratitude is one of the most essential elements of feeling happy and being fully present. How do I practice gratitude, I’ve written about Gratitude in previous posts. I’ve created a list 

Gratitude – Write down what you are grateful for, think about what has happened that day. Writing down in a journal, in your phone or on your laptop, or say it out loud, it  is very cathartic. Thinking about what you have in your life, and what your grateful for is an excellent tool to help lift your mood and improve your health.

Meditation- there are numerous studies, which identify the far reaching benefits of meditation. It can lower your blood pressure, heart rate, help reduce and manage anxiety. There are lots of apps available, and free meditations on YouTube. It takes practice to quieten your mind, however it gives you an opportunity to be still and think about what you have in your life. Meditation for me is a opportunity to quiet my buzzing mind and be still, to listen to my higher self. 

Breathing- breathe work has many benefits. When you feel anxious or stressed your breathe becomes faster and more shallow. Taking deep diaphragmatic breathes calms the mind, your nervous system and improves your well-being. Stop, tell yourself you are safe and slowly take 2-3 deep breathes, breathing in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4 ad exhale for a count of 4, if you repeat this it will  help you feel calm and centred. I have experienced many panic attacks, which are awful and it feels like I am drowning. When I do experience them I tell myself I am safe, I find a place (often a toilet) where I can sit and practice deep breathing. After it has passed I ground myself with a hot drink, listening to my breath or the sound of my shoes. 

Acceptance- It can be a hard path to follow but similar to forgives ness, releasing and accepting distances you from the negative energy. It can take many months or years to reach a place of acceptance. It does however bring a sense of peace. When we accept that something has happened, a loss, an event, a situation, a betrayal we can let go of the negative attachment and slowly move on. 

Creativity -Being creative, what do you’ve to create? Do you cook, sew, knit, write, take pictures, dance, bake, paint, blog, draw, make films, write songs? When we are children we use our imaginations, we are creative but somewhere along the way we loose this sense of play and fun. Developing a creative avenue not only helps with stress it is an outlet, a time to enjoy and reconnect with yourself. Creativity is individual and don’t let your negative demons invalidate what you create no matter how big or small, you are tapping into your inner glow. 

Exercise- There are numerous studies detailing the benefits of exercise releasing endorphins, improving flexibility, building up stamina, improving your mental health. I find motivating myself is my biggest hurdle. However I walk, go to the gym or I do sit us at home, lunges and squats for 5 to 10 minutes. It is all a benefit and I feel slowly feel stronger. 

love – Love in any form is beneficial especially when you love yourself. Self love,  for me is essential for both inner and outer happiness. When you have a healthy self love for yourself you can fully accept love from others. 


I use all of the above tools, and yes they do work. I sit with the emotions, I accept them, I let them ride over me. I may fight it, feel angry or cry but I sit with them because when I’m not feeling great my tools go straight out of the window. The most important tool is being kind to yourself, nurture yourself. When you don’t feel great and you feel so down it hurts, know it will pass, be gentle, be kind and love yourself…


Published by Janine Petty

Hi I’m Janine I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer

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