like shards of broken glass?

I can’t figure where I leave off and someone else begins – Gerorge McCabee

Do you find that you tune into other people through your highly sensitive feelings? Picking up on vibes comes easily to you due to your highly sensitive nature?  I wrote a peice which explains how some people are naturally empathic and others are drawn to you,  for me its a sign your a  healer .  

Do you feel the pain of others almost shattering through you like a piece of broken glass, each cut is deeper and deeper. The brittle glass cuts like shards into your very soul. I feel this often.  Now these words are not in anyway negative or meant to be hurtful. For me this is a description which came to me. sometimes my empathic, healing nature hurts me, I ask why do I pick up on others pain? I think this is why I was drawn to reiki because it’s a way to heal myself and others, in a channelled way. It helps protect oneself from taking on too much of other people’s energy.

One of my mentors told me I need to learn what are my feelings and what belong to another. For example you can walk into a room and feel like you could burst into tears because you are picking up on a persons who has so many tears and emotion. This process of learning and developing is very hard.

In fact i have felt this over the past few weeks its hard to handle, to process and deal with various energies. I’ve had panic attacks at the same time someone i care about has had one. I’ve felt their feelings, their thoughts. Im still learning how to deal with this, how to differenterate between what are my feelings, insecurities and what are their’s?

I used to work with refugees from war torn countries and victims of trafficking, I loved this work but I did take on their pain. This triggered very deeply hidden trauma in me. For me having awareness of something is a step to healing, clearing, changing, getting well, progressing and growing as a person. This may not resonate with everyone, it’s what works for me. The person I was 3 years ago is different to the person I am now. I love how I have developed.

 What helps me deal with this?

Working with guides, salt baths are amazing for clearing your energy, and meditation are tools to help protect and centre yourself. Yoga sessions, deep breathing, self care. Often I retreat and I spend time alone. This works too but obviously we can’t live in a cave or cocoon ourselves.

I’m no way an expert, however I’m learning, accepting and healing. I’ve also learnt that over indulging in vices too much caffeine, alcohol, bad food etc really doesn’t help me feel clear and strong.

Deciding to be more open, tapping into my creative side and writing this blog is a creative outlet, which I love. I journal too, another great way to express spiritual soul work, manifesting and creating your ideal life. While journaling recently i wrote how amazing I would feel if I gave the support and love I give to others to myself, filling my cup. How amazing would I feel.

I’d love to hear what you do? Does any of this resonate with you?


Reid, R, (1998), Venus and Mars, Thorsons, Glasgow


Published by Janine Petty

Hi I’m Janine I make hand poured soy wax candles, I’m a reiki healer, vibe queen, card reader and all round spiritual entrepreneur. Graves disease fighter, depression and anxiety sufferer.

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