Energetically cutting ties with others

Tie Cutting exercise

Do you ever find your self feeling drained of energy? Feeling negative aroud people or certain situations?

We can often feel drained and our energy depleted when we are sensitive to energy. This can happen when we are with particular people, especially when strong emotions are involved. These strong emotions are more evident within personal relationships with friends or partners. When we are in love we can often feel like the “person is in your head”, or “they are part of you”. You become energetically intertwined with that person.

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When a relationship ends you will still feel that energetic connection and feel like part of you is gone in someway. When we cut emotional ties or bonds you are not cutting the unconditional love you have for that person, rather it removes the conditions, shoulds, the oughts, the control and our energy. For example if you don’t have strong protection and boundaries you can give your energy away to strangers out in anger, passion or empathy.

Energy vampires

Another example is a “psychic vampire”, someone who hooks into our energy system and drains us. Tie cutting is powerful and should only be undertaken when you feel it is right for you, if you feel conflicted work through those emotions first before commencing.

When we cut ties, the energy changes

One simple way you can cut ties is to imagine the other person is stood in front of you and say firmly, “I take back all that is mine. I give back all that is yours and let them go with love (Hall, 1996, p98) if this doesn’t work straight away you could say this repeatedly. Alternatively the following exercise is very powerful:

A tie cutting visualisation

Let your self relax and be open to this work. Imagine your self-standing in a beautiful meadow on a warm sunny day with just a gentle breeze playing around you to keep you cool and comfortable. Let you self feel the grass underneath your feet. Experience how it tickles your toes. Smell the air around you.

 Spend a little time exploring your meadow and then choose a spot where you want to do this work. You will need a large flat area where you can have a bonfire, running water if you would like, and anything else you need.

 Draw a circle around your self as you stand in the meadow. The circle should be at arms length and go right around you. You can use paint, chalk, light or whatever comes to mind. This circle delineates your space.

 In front of you, close to you but not touching, draw a circle the same size, and picture the person with whom you wish to cut the ties inside of it. (If you have difficulty in seeing the person clearly, use a photograph and put it in the circle)

 Explain to the person why you are doing this exercise, tell them that you are not cutting off unconditional love there may be, but that you wish to be free from the old emotional conditioning and psychic bonds that built up in the past, and any expectations in the present. 

  • Look to see how the ties symbolically manifest themselves.

Then spend time removing them, first from yourself, healing and sealing the places where they were with light; then removing them from the other person. Make sure you get all the ties, especially the ones around the back, which you may over-look. Pile the ties up outside the circle. Wrap healing light around yourself and the other person.

 Then move that other person back to their own space, out of your inner space. Let them go to where they belong in their own space.

 [repeat the cutting with another person if want or a blank cutting and see who appears in the circle]

 Then, gather up all the ties and find an appropriate way of destroying them. You may wish to have a large bonfire onto which you throw them, or a swiftly flowing river into which you cast them. Make sure you destroy all of the ties.

 If you are using a fire, move nearer to the flames and feel the transmuted energy warming, purifying, healing and energizing you; filling all the empty spaces left by removing the ties. Absorb as much of this energy as you need. If you feel able to, move into the fire and become like the phoenix, reborn from the flames. Wrap light around your self as protection.

 If you are using water, you may like to enter the water to gently wash the residue. Use the heat of the sun to purify, heal and energise your self, and then form a cloak of protection afterwards.

 When you have completed all the tie cutting you wish to do bring your attention back into the room and allow yourself plenty of time to readjust, breathing more deeply and bringing your self into full awareness. Check your cloak of protection is in place and that your aura is intact. Ground your self by hooking your grounding cord deep into the earth. Then get up and move about.

 Taken from

Hall, Judy, (1996) The art of psychic protection, Findhorn Press, Scotland


Cystals for Protection

Black Tourmaline, deflects negative energies

Tigers eye, protects and taps inner power



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